The challenge

An obstacle is an object, thing, action or situation that causes an obstruction. There are, therefore, different types of obstacles, which can be both physical and psychological.

We want to challenge you to beat one of your obstacles, big or small. It can be something connected to the world of Obstacle Course Racing or it can be something completely different that you have struggled with for a long time.

Let us know how you beat your obstacle for a chance to win:

• Free Entry Toughest Races 2016 • • Toughest Merchandise •

Step 1

Film or Photograph yourself doing something you have never done before

Step 2

Upload the video/photo to instagram and tell us about how and why you #beatyourobstacle

Step 3

Use the following hashtags:
#toughest #beatyourobstacle

The submission that we think shows the most sincere, passionate and joyful achivement will win the prize. During the duration of the competition, special submissions will be highlighted in Toughest Instagram and awarded with smaller prizes. The winner of "Free Entry Toughest Races 2016" will be refunded of any purchased race tickets for 2016.

The challenge begins on Saturday, Jan 16th 2015 19:00 (CET) and ends on Sunday, Mar 6th 2016 19:00 (CET).

Note that your profile must be set to public if you wish to participate. By entering this competition, you still retain copyright and remain the owner of your images and may of course continue to use them as you choose. You do however agree that the images you submit may be used in other media/forums such as but not limited to printed publications, Toughest and/or Gainomax websites, may be uploaded on Toughest and/or Gainomax social media channels, or in any other media, and may be copied and displayed by other sources/individuals and orgaisations also in other countries. Individuals employed by Toughest and/or Gainomax and their immediate families (spouses, children, siblings) are not eligible to participate.

The Winner

Congratulations @heliaw for winning our BYO insta competition. Your story is truly inspiring. Contact to claim your prize. See you at the course 2016 ・・・ Helena vs heart 1-0!! This has been my obstacle all through fall and winter... Step by step heading my way back! Not the easiest obstacle to conquer but I really, really want to make 2016 my #OCR year!! My journey and my winning will be to fulfill the races. 🙏🏽 #toughest #beatyourobstacle #ocr2016 #obstacle #mywayback #skinssverige #suuntosverige #inov8sverige #heart #heartdisease #adidassverige #lynxmst #proteingrot #proteingröt #nevergiveup ❤️ #fightingisinmydna #obstacle #obstaclecourse #spartanrace #mudrace #ocrathlete #ocrrace #hinderbanelopp #hinderbana

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